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Raska was established in 2019 that the company formerly known as Thanh Cong JSC since 2010.
Since its inception, the scale and professionalism, and credibility to customers have increasingly
confirmed the continuous growth of the company in the areas of activity:
• Civil construction and industry
• Interior decoration.
• Installation of electrical systems, water ..
To reap the success that there are many factors which have to mention the staff and
employees of the company. Those with qualifications and seniority in the profession has
turned devotion, love my job and my ability into reality.
But above all is the cooperation and acceptance by customers and partners for the
products of our company.
More than anyone else we have indoctrination:
FOR CUSTOMERS: Credits - Listen - Share
FOR COLLEAGUES: Respect – Unity – Desired for knowledge
FOR WORK: Passionate – Active - Innovative



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